Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy focuses on making you mentally and emotionally stronger so that you lead a more fulfilling life. It may also reduce your dependence on medication as you develop better coping skills.

Sessions are usually taken once a week and last between 45 - 60 minutes.

1. CBT therapy : Cognitive Behaviour therapy focuses on how our thoughts and behaviours affect the way we analyse and respond to problems in life.

In the sessions, you discuss your problem areas and your thoughts and attitudes to them. This helps to identify Thinking errors and Unhelpful behaviours you might have and fix them.

2. Psychoanalysis : Psychoanalysis helps in finding answers to the question : "Why do we behave the way we do?"

In the therapy session, we collect information about your thoughts, fantasies,childhood memories and events which have shaped your life. This information is used to understand why you behave / think / react in a certain way so that we can make changes to reduce distress. It gives a wider insight into your personality.