Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine is a highly specialised branch of medicine which involves Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists, Endocrinologists and Urologists to work together and solve sexual issues.

Lack of knowledge, everyday stress, relationship problems, communication difficulties as well as medical issues can contribute to sexual problems.

We have a team of Male and Female Psychiatrists who have been Internationally trained and Certified by the EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF SEXUAL MEDICINE.

They have cleared their MJCSM exams and are keen to bring International standards of treatment and care to their own country.

Dr Philip Kumar Boyanapally. DPM, FECSM ( EU )

Dr Divya Devulapally. MRCPsych (UK), FECSM ( EU)

Initial consultation: This is 30 - 40 min consultation where we collect relevant information about the sexual problems and make a management plan according to your requirements.

If any consultation from other specialists (Endocrinology / Urology / Andrology / Gynaecology ) is needed, we refer and co-ordinate with the respective Doctors. This ensures that all the Doctors involved in your care are kept up to date about the treatment plan and no important information is overlooked.

Sexual Education sessions: A lot of people are misguided by information collected from the internet. Having correct information from professional sources is key to a healthy sex life.

We also provide these sessions for young adults so that they are aware of safe sex practices and the responsibilities involved in being sexually active.

Male Sexual medicine

1. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder : Low sexual desire or interest / Low libido (depending on age /functioning/sociology-cultural factors). Distress may or may not be present

2. Erectile Dysfunction : Most common male sexual disorder. There is difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining erections.

3. Ejaculatory / Orgasmic disorders : Premature ejaculation (orgasm is too quick), Delayed ejaculation (orgasm takes too long) , Absent ejaculation , Dry ejaculation (no semen comes out), Post orgasmic illness syndrome (feeling unwell after orgasm)

4. Porn / sex addiction : De-addiction program to overcome your addictions

Female Sexual medicine

1. Sexual Pain disorders : Pain while having intercourse ( Vulvodynia), Anxiety and pain leading to avoidance of sex (Vaginismus)

2. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder : Low sexual desire or interest / Low libido (depending on age /functioning/sociology-cultural factors). Distress may or may not be present

3. Persistent Genital Arousal disorder : Unwanted genital arousal (tingling /sensitivity) in absence of sexual desire. Uncomfortable for the woman

4. Female orgasmic disorder

5. Painful orgasms

LGBTQIA+ support:

Educational sessions for client and family

Mental health support and Counselling

Support for clients undergoing Gender Reassignment Surgery / Hormone therapy